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When you switch on your guitar and power up your amp, you want your audience to hear your sound in its most pristine form. The cabinet as a whole, and the materials that go into making it, have a pivotal impact on the sound of the amp.

All our cabs come equipped with Celestion speakers and are made from 100% marine construction birch plywood, an extremely sturdy material with superior timbre. The speakers are mounted from behind using steel counterthreads that guarantee maximum durability and resistance to the wear-and-tear caused by vibrations and transit.

Choosing the right cabinet can make the difference between a poor tone and a dynamic and tuneful one depending on the power you need, where you're going to use it, the number of speakers, the type of speakers and the music you're playing.

You can order our cabinets in whatever combinations of the below colours:

Here is a list of our handmade cabinets with a few comments on their features and use.

The closed back 412-SL (slanted) series cabinets features four Celestion Vintage 30 speakers. The construction and speaker model give to the 412-SL cab a very powerful and directional tone which deliver a deeper and focused bass response and a tighter feel with a sound which is directional and emphasizes the right hand pick techniques.

These cabinets are made for large venues and stages where volume is not an issue and tone must be directed straight to a far audience.

All 412 cabs come equipped with integrated handles and lockable wheels for years of safe usage.

For 7-string players, we offer a special version fitted with two separate tone chambers and mixed Vintage 30 and G12T-75 speakers for an even deeper and defined low end. A must for outdoor gigs where you want to tone to concentrate on the audience.

Power: 300W. Weight: 47kg. Width: cm 76,4 - Height including wheels: cm 82,5 - Depth: cm 36. Impedance: 16ohm

The straight version of the 412-SL is called 412-ST and is equipped with two Celestion Vintage 30 speakers and two Celestion G12-75 speakers.

This straight design sounds similar to its slanted sister with a little less mids and a slightly accentuated low end response that makes it more suitable for Metal and 7 strings guitars. All other features are same as above. Weight is only slightly increased.

Power: 300W. Weight: 49kg. Width: cm 76,4 - Height including wheels: cm 82,5 - Depth: cm 36. Impedance: 16ohm

The open back 212-OB cab is also equipped with Celestion Vintage 30 speakers. The open back design allows the sound to spread in almost all directions and gives your tone a wider and more tri dimensional response, suitable for smaller and mid venues where the audience is nearer to the stage.

It also allows you to "fine tune" your tone by adjusting the proximity to the walls thus changing the bass response and sound diffusion.

This is a fantastic cabinet to be matched to all our amps if you want to avoid carrying a heavy 412 cabinet and still maintain the correct volume for medium large venues.

Power: 150W. Weight: 26kg. Width: cm 70,5 - Height including handle and feets: cm 55,5 - Depth: cm 30,5. Impedance: 16ohm

The 112-RFX cab is a small revolution in guitar amplifiers cabinets. Some of our experience in bass cabs has been applied to this model to achieve a punchier bottom end. The result is a small portable cab weighting about 15 Kg rating at 60 or 75W Rms (depending on the model of speaker mounted) which nearly resemble and sounds like a closed back 412.

This cab is ideal for home studios, small gigs and forrehearsee. We strongly recommend the 112-RFX matched with our 105 head and for home studio use. Mike the speaker and the bass reflex as well for a recording tone that will blow you away even at 1/2 of Watt.

You can order it with your choice of G12-75 or Vintage 30 Celestion speakers. G12-75 are recommended for use with our 105 amp.

Power: 60W with Celestion Vintage 30, 75 watt with Celestion G12T-75. Weight: 16kg. Width: cm 51,5 - Height including handle and feets: cm 48 - Depth: cm 30. Impedance: 8ohm

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