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Lolo Alvarez jumped to the stage at age 18 professionally and from there till today he´s been working as a session guitarist with many famous Spanish international artists in the studio and touring like: ROSANA, RAIMUNDO AMADOR, MANUEL CARRASCO, EL BARRIO, LAS NIÑAS, MANOLO ESCOBAR, ROSA, PABLO CARBONEL, ANTONIO ROMERO, MARIA VILLALON (FACTOR X WINNER), DECAI, FONDO FLAMENCO, JUAN MACANDE, FALETE, DIEZ NEGRITOS, JOANA JIMENEZ, DIEGO CARRASCO, MAKARINES, ETC.


Probably the most famous and respected italian guitar player, Andrea Braido is the virtuosity excellence, the energy at its pure stage. Poly-instrumentalist, he's probably one of the best world guitarists thanks to his taste, technique and musical theory knowledge. Andrea has collaborated with all major Italian artists both on record and live. He owns a 2/50 Combo and a 3/100 head which he uses both on records and live.


Guitarist of the german singer Mark Gillespie, Thomas is a known session player in Germany. As a pro guitar player he's also the official clinician of Roland Europe. Galeazzo Frudua has also built a custom GFF which he employs for its demos at the international music show like the Music Messe in Frankfurt. Thomas has a 3/100 head he use live and in studio.


Born in France and raised in Germany Ralf started playing guitar at a rather old age - 19. He's have played approx 1500 gigs and well over 2000 clinics and workshops. Ralf has been was in the top 20 in Germany and in the top 10 in Japan with his own music. Played on several CDs but works now as the main clinician for Digitech and Lexicon all the trade shows world wide. Ralf has a 3/100 head, a "Bimbo" combo and a 25/50-2 combo.


Former guitarist of the Roseman Brothers (EMI) with his brother Steve, Brian is the official clinician of Music Man in UK. He has played with legendary sax player Ron Aspery and thanks to his Kite Surfing abilities he also been involved in some James Bond movies. Brian has a 2/50 head and 212-OB cab.


A true veteran of stage, studio and television, LeBurn has pleased music lovers globally from 1976 opening shows for and sharing bills with artist such as Chaka Khan & Rufus, Marvin Gaye, Patti LaBelle, Gill Scott Heron, Bill Withers, Kool & the Gang, Mother's Finest, Debbie Harry & Blondie, Jimmy Castor Bunch (who is the 3rd most sampled artist in the USA) and too many to name here. Now touring Europe relentlessly, LeBurn chooses to rely on the Valve 250 to fine tune his tone and make multitudes happy with his music.


Juan Carlos Marin is the guitarist of most famous Spanish heavy metal band Mago de Oz well known for the strong Celtic feel to their music, strengthened through their usage of a violinist and flautist. Juan uses one of our 3/100 heads.


Zladu Perica is the one of the most important European guitarists. He mostly performs in Germany and Switzerland (where he lives) and where he performed with Swiss top artists like DJ Bobo and but Florian Ast. Zladu has been recently hired by a US film company for a reality show all dedicated to his person and art confirming his talent is going to be soon known worldwide.


David Rhodes is an English guitarist, songwriter, and composer. He has lent his distinctive guitar style to albums by a wide variety of artists, including Roy Orbison, Tim Finn, Paul McCartney, Joan Armatrading, The Pretenders and Scott Walker. He also composed the soundtrack for Atlantis III: The New World, the Cryo Interactive Entertainment video game. Since 25 years he's a member of Peter Gabriel's band. David has one of our 2/50 heads and 212-OBcab.


Michael has become known to many players as the "tone guru" when it comes to guitar amplification and effects. Some of you may recall him from the years I spent managing a certain well known guitar hero from Sweden. A businessman and a musician/studio engineer, Mike is often hired to consult for companies on new product development for amplifiers and guitars. In addition, Mike periodically releases solo albums with his band MAALSTROOM. Mike owns almost all of our models.


Ludovico has spent the last years recording, touring and producing for some of the top artists in Spain, Italy & Latin America, including Alejandro Sanz, Miguel Bosè, Ketama, Estopa I & II & IV, Maná, Sergio Dalma, Christian Castro, Rosanna, Andrea Bocelli, etc. He played in over 320 records, that sold worldwide about 18 millions copies, and played live in nearly 1.000 concerts worldwide for well over 9 millions spectators, in both Europe, USA, and South American countries. Ludovico has one of our 3/100 and 2/50 heads with 212-OB cab.


Javi has worked as a guitarist and producer in the Spanish music scene for over 20 years. His most popular project was his band O'Funk'illo, very famous in Spain for his powerful gigs for which he produced 2 records. Javi has done many jobs as studio session guitarist and music producer. Bands like Porcelina (grunge-rock) or Estirpe (rock-crossover) have enjoyed for the production of their latest albums. He's now working with artist Kiko Veneno, on a project that fuses a singer who fuses rumba with blues and rock, and Cusha, his new band. Javi has a The Valve 3/100 head.


Vedran is a Croatian guitarist known from the Dutch band De Staat. The band, formed only two years ago, had their debut album released all over Europe and played Dutch Pinkpop and Lowlands festivals and the Hungarian Sziget as well. Glastonbury is up this year. Vedran is a classically trained guitarist who got into blues and rock in his teens and played in tons of bands before De Staat's career took a flight. His guitar playing, often with slide, is described as intelligent and tasteful. The Valve 2/50 combo and the 2/50 top and cabinet provide him with the best tone there is.


“One of the Top 10 Guitar Players in the World” Guitar Magazine.
A member of the smash hit British rock group Supertramp since 1985, Carl has played to millions of enthusiastic fans in sold out arenas worldwide. He has recorded and played with a virtual who’s who of the music industry, everyone from Little Richard, Dolly Parton and BB King to the Bee Gees, Cher and Christina Aguilera, Bee Gees, Belinda Carlyle, Melissa Manchester, Little Richard, Dolly Parton, Glenn Frey, John Fogerty, BB King, Jose Feliciano, Leanne Rimes, Miley Cyrus... Carl has a 2/50-2 combo which he uses during his small venues gigs and a 105 combo.



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