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The 3100 is all about versatility.

It's unique and different because it has been designed around the goal to accurately reproduce the specific tone of any model of guitar you're playing with by offering 5/6 different convincing sounds vintage to modern.

No more talk. Check out this video below in which Oliver Hartmann plays from cleans, jazzy to AC/DC vintage crunchs to modern leads and metal tones out of the amp different models of guitars, and you will immediately get what I mean.

Note how Oliver easily switches among all tones in just one click (MORE VIDEOS BELOW).

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No other head will give to you the same immediate tone and versatility in just one amp.

The 3100 also features some other unique functions you will surely like:

- a user -friendly control interface with each channel sporting the same controls and only two switches on the front panel.
- a solo function which boosts the level and the gain at the same time so your solo has more volume but also more   sustain. It's called "Boost".
- the possibility to assign external MIDI effects to the supplied footswitch.
- a 'shaping' function, on the Lead channel, that allows you to switch from a rhythm part to a solo with the correct   equalization on both in one just operation (a suggestion from our metal friends ;)

This makes the 3100 the perfect tool to reproduce the sound you have heard on record or live and then personalize it to make it our own. On the other side the 3100 is very simple to understand and use with just two switches on the front panel. Or do you need 18 like we have seen recently?

If you feel it is time to learn more on the 3100 panels functions please click HERE

Otherwise please continue for some more general info to learn this is the amps for you.

In the following Guitar player and producer Oliver Hartmann plays and demonstrates the various functions and tones of the 3100 Head by using a collection of different guitars.


All tones "parade" - Oliver Hartmann plays out every kind of tone from the 3100 Head. Guitars: Fender Stratocaster, Fender Telecaster, Gibson Les Paul, JEM 8 strings, Frudua GFF-Classic.

Oliver Hartmann demonstrates the Clean channel's tones of the 3100 head. - Guitars: Fender Stratocaster, Fender Telecaster, Gibson Les Paul.

Oliver Hartmann demonstrates the Crunch channel's tones of the 3100 head. Guitar: Guitars: Fender Stratocaster.

The blues sound of the 3100 - Guitars: Fender Stratocaster.

The 3100 Lead tones. Guitars: Fender Stratocaster with EMG/SA/SA/81 Lukather set.

The Metal Dark Face of the 3100. Guitar: JEM 8 strings.

The 3100 Boost Master boosts both the level and the gain at the same time so your SOLOS have more volume and also MORE SUSTAIN.

The 3100 MIDI OUT function allows you to manage MIDI effects by using the supplied foot-switch.

An overview of the rear panel functions of the 3100 head.

And finally test the 3100 tone penetration on a rock base track.

- hand crafted in Italy
- 3 channels, (3 x 2) volumes, 5 basic tones,
- Boost Function for solo (boosts level and gain too for more solo sustain)
- output impedance: selectable, 4/8/16 ohms
- preamp tubes: 6 x 12AX7WA
- output tubes: 4 x JJ Tesla E34L matched sets
- output power: 100W rms. Half Power: 50W
- full power/half power function
- resonance control
- shaping function for scooped rhythm on lead channel (presettablpre settable - PR1/PR2 switch for 2 different sound options on crunch channel
- optionableoptionalrols:
- channel 1 Select
- channel 2 Select
- channel 3 Select
- boost 1 ON-OFF
- boost 2 ON-OFF
- boost 3 ON-OFF
- shaping function on/off on lead channel
- use of digital effects without a MIDI pedalboardpedal board - dimensions: approx. width 64 cm x height 24,5 cm x depth 26 cm
- weight: 23 kg
- foot-switch included

Download manual

Here are a few shots of the 3100 head showing various details of the amp. Click "Lo" link open medium sized images. Click "hi" to open a hi resolution versions for a true "face to face" experience.

Lo | Hi

Lo | Hi

Lo | Hi

Lo | Hi

Lo | Hi

Lo | Hi

Lo | Hi

Lo | Hi

Lo | Hi

Lo | Hi

Lo | Hi

Lo | Hi

The 3100 head is available as a standard in the following colour combinations. Standard colours are normally in stock and delivered in 7/10 working days.

black cover, black panels, black grill    Lo | Hi

red cover, red panels, black grill   Lo | Hi

We offer the 3/100 head in a variety of different colours. Please see some colour combinations below.
Custom colours normally require 30 days delivery time.

Lo | Hi

Lo | Hi

Lo | Hi

Lo | Hi

You don't see the colour combination you're looking for? Link to our AMP CONFIGURATOR page and build the 3/100 head you dream of!

"Here you can see how some famous players, use the 3/100 HEAD. Once you will own one, you will be able to use their original t guitar pone settings as a starting point to create your own personal sound."


"Ciao Galeazzo, Please check all the pics….you see your ampli. I will send you Thursday music examples on mp3 that I recorded with valve….please listen to it!!! All kinds of great sounds… all the best to you,
ciao Slädu" "


"Ciao Gale,
here they are hope they are ok I put all myself into it!
In my opinion The Valve represents the top in this amps category! 3 indipendent channelsindependent every tone in a simple and indipendent way, a pindependent warm distortion, a clean which is truly "clean" and finally a very useful crunch in whatever situations and all the shades in between. In a few words, try The Valve in different situation and be sure they wil come up to your willectations! Hugs,

el Braidus elettricus"


"Hi Gale,
here are some of my favorite Settings. I wrote it down in a list (14 = 14 o´clock). Audio files with this settings are attached to this mail.

Hope you enjoy it..."


"Hi Galeazzo,
I mainly use the 3/100 for distorted lead tones or real heavy rhythms. By using the shaping button you can set the amp up to be really ballsy for rhythm work – the bass response is incredible clean big but never muddy. If you use the solo channel for lead work I reduce the presence quite a bit and work with the treble knob instead – liquid tones are the result!"


"Hi Galeazzo!!!
unfortunately I can not pick up the amp back to the artist for which I work now, he is out of Spain and he has the keys of the rehearsal room!!! So, but I can tell you my settings!They are slightly different according to the guitar I am using: I use shape mode sometimes in solos. Presence 1 is always 4 and Presence 2 at 5. I tweak the depth control depending on the venue I am playing."


The 3100 head is a mervellous amp, tmarvellousrsatility, the MIDI, the position of controls, everything is designed to make it extremely playable and comfortable under your fingers. An incredible dynamic a special tone clarity. It always delivers what you desire. Your cabs are also very interesting. I have 2 2x12 and I really love them both the mono setup as in stereo, or wet dry wet. A true pleasure for your soul!"

Read what the pros working for the major magazines worldwide, have to say about our amps. Check back
soon for more reviews.

“The idea with this incredible head is to offer an “American boutique amp” with great versatility so that every musician can find his own tone and personality. Summarizing it is a high class amp which belongs to the “Boutique amp” category and manufactured in Europe featuring a wide range of tone and control possibilities. A winner without a doubt." EN CONCIERTO - SPAIN Read more

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