On the far left you have the input jack. You can plug your guitar here.

The first row of 4 controls on the left are the volume, treble, mids and bass of the Clean channel.

Here you can see Gain and Volume of the Lead channel and its dedicated treble, mids and basses controls.

And the Reverb control.

Use this switch to select Clean or Lead channel.

Or the reap panel you find:

- the Power on and Stand by switch,
- the Full power/Harmonics switch (Penthode/Triode mode),
- the series/parallel FX loop with mixer knob,
- the Resonance control which adjusts the low frequency response of the whole amplifier,
- the Presence switch adds definition and brilliance to the sound of the whole amplifier,
- an external speaker out with the Impedance Selector,
- the Footswitch input jack.