The input jack corresponds to the "bright" input of the original design. You can plug your guitar here. You can also use your favorite Overdrive or Distortion pedal in series with your guitar before plugging in here for extra gain.

The Gain control correspond to the Volume control of the original design. This controls the amount of input gain applied to the guitar signal. In combination with the VOLUME and ATTENUATION controls and the volume control of the guitar, this GAIN control can be used to dial in a wide variety of tones from clean to crunchy. For those needing super hi-gain tones, the use of an overdrive or distortion pedal is advised.

The tone control acts as a mix of the original "Bright" and "Dark" inputs of the design that preamp is inspired to and allows the player to get a wide range of classic guitar tones. A brighter sound is achieved the more you crank to the right. Many of the best sounds are found in the 12 - 4 o'clock positions.

This works like a conventional Master Volume you may have seen on other tube amps. It can be used to control the volume of the amp and will produce a different sound than using the ATTENUATION. It can also be used to compensate the increase of gain introduced by the Attenuation control at its minimum settings.

This special control, called “Power Scaling” (, allows the amplifier’s tube voltages to be adjusted proportionally to achieve volume attenuation without change of tone from 5W down to whisper levels stillmaintainingg maximum crunch and sustain.

Running the Volume at max and lowering the Attenuation control down to the "Whisper" position, reduces the volume while the Power Scaling incorporated circuitry increases the distortion by clipping the power amp allowing you to achieve full blast stack tube tone at “whisper” levels. This is our favorite way of using the 105 for great tones since the power tube and output transformer contribute to the sound.

Running the ATTENUATION at MAX and using the VOLUME to control overall level, allows the 105 to operate more like a normal tube amp. Lowering the Volume control also helps decreasing the amount of clipping introduced by the Attenuator control at its minimum settings (Whisper). This is also useful for getting good clean sounds with the 105.

This is the main on/off switch for the amp. The 105 features a special circuitry which does not require a “stand by” switch.